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Shopping Plaza Lot Needs Work


Dear Editor:

Have you traveled to Wysox lately, or perhaps every day? I make a few stops weekly to the Towne Centre, and the potholes are getting deeper and deeper. The developer that owns this complex needs to give it a great look.

The parking lot has been an issue since last year. What I am asking is that the parking lot be paved or (at least) have the holes filled in. The customers are filling the stores shopping, but then they have to dodge the holes as they leave.

One day I happened to see a driver pass through a great big pothole right in front of one of the storefronts that he or she (did not see).

Which is easier? To fix this parking lot in the Towne Centre or pay a garage bill when someone damages their vehicle due to holes? The developer should be billed, and then maybe a lawyer would have to get involved.

When a person goes shopping, they should not have to beware of potholes in the parking lots.


Bonny Sutton

Herrick Township




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