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Thanks to All Caring People Out There

Dear Editor:

Yesterday, on my way to work, my trusty 11-year-old car decided to take a vacation day on narrow Route 409. I was only a few miles from my home, but in that speck of no coverage on the cell phone service map. Walking back toward Camptown, numerous cars and trucks passed by in both directions, most at rates much higher than the posted speed limits.

A few slowed down, but didn't stop to ask if everything was okay or if I needed a lift. There is a possibility they thought I could use the exercise. After about a mile, I heard a car slowing down in back of me. A nice gal from Arkansas, who was heading the opposite direction, took of her time, turned around and offered a ride back to the Dandy Mini Mart in Camptown.

I didn't get her name, but did find out she is in the area with Atlas Energy—maybe an employee, maybe the loved one of an employee. Pondering the incident later, it struck me that a "visitor" from outside our area had stopped to offer assistance. Then I recalled the three men, also visitors working in our area, who had hopped out of their vehicle during that last big snowstorm to push my friend's car out of the snow he was stuck in on Lime Hill near Route 6.

I'd like to publicly thank these individuals for caring enough to take a few minutes out of their busy lives to help someone else. Your kindness makes a difference.

Sue Conner


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