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This Is No Time To Change Leaders

Dear Editor:

America, wake up.

We are at war—yes, the war is real. It is being waged by very evil people who want to destroy America.

The worst part in the fight against the evil ones is that they remain unseen. It is not easy to fight a war when one cannot see the enemy.

At this time we are fortunate to have a president who understands the evil intent of this unseen enemy.

President Bush is doing his level best to stop this growing world evil. Mr. Kerry can do no better. This is not the time to change leaders. It is the time to stand behind President Bush and respect his position. The terrorists have brought us to this point in history and there are those, here and abroad, who would gleefully divide us at this time of crisis. We must not let that happen.

Remember the old adage, divide and conquer. We must unite and fight terrorism as a cohesive and decided nation. Our democracy is threatened. Please, get behind President Bush and support him in his effort to save you and your country.

Alda S. Page


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