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Unused Front Door Just Part of Home’s History


Dear Editor:

Your column titled "Pondering the Non-Use of Front Doors" (Rocket-Courier Oct. 6) caught my attention because I'm sure people ask that of my house. We live on Spring Hill in the "old Blocher house." It was built in 1840 and we have completely restored it. Our driveway follows the whole length of the house to the garage. We come in through the kitchen from the garage, but friends and family come in through another side door off the kitchen.

We have a "front" door that faces Spring Hill Road, and, yes, we have furniture pretty much in front of it. The reason you have come across (use of door for funerals only) seems to be the reason I have heard from the past about my house. We have 14 rooms in our house, including a parlor, and I've heard that is what it was used for. I find it very interesting and am always looking for more history on our house.

Our laundry room was where Tuscarora-Wayne was founded. A few farmers had lost their farms to fires (including mine in the 1900s), and got together, and there used to be a huge safe in what is now my huge laundry room.

Due to us not using that door and it not being opened and closed for many years prior, it is virtually impossible to open. If I want it open, I ask my husband, and he basically has to throw himself against it.

Just thought I'd add to your story. Thanks.

Brooke Hatton

Spring Hill



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