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Update on Stone wall Hill


Dear Editor:

I am amazed at the outpouring of concern I have heard from local residents wanting to be sure that the stonewall on the Milan East Smithfield Road be left intact. I have had four people come to see me that had fathers that worked on the wall. One lamented that every time she goes by the stone wall she is happy because “Her dad’s hands were there.” I had another person contact me whose grandfather worked on the wall. All of the people who contacted me said their father worked for W.P.A. ?

On Monday, I was contacted by Mr. Ernie Struble who owns property on which a part of the wall sits. Mr. Strubel asked me to come down so that he could show me a marking on the wall. I went down on Monday afternoon and met Mr. Struble who took me over to the wall and showed me a stone that has W.P.A. clearly engraved in it. The marking is worn by time but is there. I have photographed the stone and have forwarded it to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation as a form of proof that the wall is W.P.A.

The microfilm has also arrived from the National Archives so I will begin to read that to look for more proof. I am interested in hearing more stories from local residents who have a W.P.A. connection and I thank the papers for getting the word out to the public. Hopefully the wall can be saved.

Henry G. Farley, president Bradford County Historical Society


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