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Veteran Asks Parade Watchers to Respect American Flag


Dear Editor:

Wednesday, Aug. 10, 2011 is the Wyalusing Firemen’s parade. I have marched with the Wyalusing American Legion Post 534 color guard for a number of years, and am proud to do so. But it saddens me to see so many people who do not show respect for our nation’s flag as we march by. I wonder if no one has taught them or don’t they care enough about our nation’s flag to stand up, remove their ball cap and place their right hand over their heart?

There are thousands of veterans alive who wish they were able to have the opportunity to honor our nation’s flag as it passes by, even in Wyalusing, not to mention all that died so you can be free to watch a parade.

I am one of the lucky veterans who made it through WWII and can still march.

Wayne G. Morrow

Sugar Run

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