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Veteran Pleased with Parade Response


Dear Editor:

I would like the public to know that at this year’s firemen’s parade, we of the American Legion Post 534, felt that there were more people that stood up to honor the American flag as it passed by. I would like to have said all did, but maybe the ones that didn’t move have never been instructed as to what they should do, and therefore are unable to instruct their children to honor the flag.

Of the twelve American Legion marchers, there were two WWII veterans, two Korean veterans, five Vietnam vets and three Persian Gulf vets.

Have you ever attended a military funeral and watched the folding of the American flag? Each fold has a meaning. There are two women and a veteran that have gone to the schools to demonstrate this if the school can find time for it. Do you think this would be nice for your children to know? So many have died so we can be free.

Just an old Navy vet,

Wayne G. Morrow

Sugar Run


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