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Voter Senses Deja Vue


Dear Editor:

Being a person who pays attention to politics and especially Bradford County government, I am very concerned that history may repeat itself.

Candidate Lowery’s answers to all the questions in the forums and the questionnaires in the papers made me sit up and take notice. All I read was bigger government by being everything to everyone, and more grants at a time when our state and federal government is broke. Then I learned of her two key supporters and advisors, Janet Lewis and Nancy Schrader. Which makes it clear why she changed parties to a Republican and is still courting Democratic votes.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane if you will.

Nancy (Republican) and Janet (Democrat) ran as a team in 2003 and promised that everything was just ducky during their campaign and there would be no need to raise taxes. Then once safely elected, and before the new board took office, they raised taxes. Then we learned that not only did they have to raise taxes, they spent all the money in the county’s rainy day fund, and even every dime from the Manor general fund to balance their budgets, wasting millions.

Then the dynamic duo teamed up to try and build the jail even larger, more millions, protect the only county-run day care in the state that cost us millions, build on the county library at a tune of five million, hold on to the Sage House that was costing the county hundreds of thousands a year. The list goes on.

Now comes the second coming, newcomer Sharon Lowery. I guess her non-answers to questions and when she did answer questions, it was more social spending and bigger government now makes sense. She even went as far as to say she wants to hire a grant writer, may I ask for what? And where is she going to get the money? The state is five billion in the red and the government is 14 trillion in the hole, we are on the verge of bankruptcy.

The county has gotten back on track and is being run much better and smoothly. And as I said at the beginning, I would hate to see history repeat itself.

We couldn’t afford the dynamic duo and we can’t afford Lowery. I guess their campaign slogan on their bumper stickers should read, “If you liked Janet and Nancy, you’ll love Sharon.”

Jean Joyce



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