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Welcoming Remarks

Dear Rick: Welcome to your new job at the most charming newspaper on the planet. It is authentic Americana dealing with real peoples’ lives and problems while retaining connection to its history. And we treasure it. My ancestors settled Camptown (Job Camp); Laceyville (Ebeneezer Lacey); Rush (William Lathrop); Elk Lake (Ezekial Lathrop) and Herrickville (Adam Overpeck) in the early 1800s. Several were Revolutionary War veterans. Regarding Herrickville: my great-great-grandfather's farm, built in 1834, is still occupied by Overpeck descendants (Thelma Overpeck Roberts). It is located on the road between Camptown and Herrickville, closer to Herrickville. I’m enchanted about all things regarding Herrickville. My father was born in the 1834 homestead. Most children are raised listening to fairy tales; I was raised on stories of country life in Bradford County. Please try to include occasional articles about history of Bradford County in your paper. (Perhaps the local museum might be willing to help?). And best wishes to you on your new adventure. We will support you all the way. Naomi Overpeck Binghamton, NY

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