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Why Are We Ignoring Formosa?

Dear Editor:

The zeal in which the media has spurred the world to demand liberty for the people in Egypt and Libya poses the question as to why they have ignored the looming threat against the Taiwanese people on the Island of Formosa.

Taiwan is a democracy, no thanks to the physical and psychological threats from Communist China. The time to lend international support for Taiwan is now, not when an invasion force from China is killing innocent people.

Yet our beloved UN has refused to recognize Taiwan. Why? Why is the liberty and security of a Democracy in Taiwan any less important than that of those the media currently praises?

I suggest we all ask the media and our elected officials why before it is too late. After all, China is getting stronger and stronger as we get weaker and weaker. The time to get Taiwan into the UN is now, not when China can roll right over us.


Joseph DuPont


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