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All in The Family At Wyalusing High School

Classes resumed in the Wyalusing Area School District Wednesday, and only one of the above returnees is not enrolled in at least one of the grades at the Wyalusing Valley High School. In case you haven't figured it out, it is the more mature fellow front and center, Ralph Tewksbury. But he does belong in a sense, because if it weren't for him, none of the others— all his grandchildren—would be there. It is a special school year for the Tewksburys, because there is at least one of them in every grade, and they represent barely 40 percent of Ralph's 23 grandchildren, who range in age from one to 38 years. As for this group and their respective grades, they are: front (from left)—Bryant, ninth; Alyssa, 10th; Amber, seventh, and April, eighth; back—Chris, 11th; Richard, 12th; Ashley, eighth; Eliza, ninth, and Clay, 10th. They are among the offspring of Ralph's eight kids—six boys and two girls.

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