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Appalachia Midstream Fined for Albany Township Violations


The Department of Environmental Protection has fined Appalachia Midstream Services LLC of Horseheads, NY, Chesapeake Energy’s pipeline division, $19,510 for numerous erosion- and sediment-control violations originally found last winter at its compressor station in Albany Township, Bradford County.

“Appalachia Midstream did not correct the violations documented in February by the Bradford County Conservation District until August, which is far longer than needed,” DEP North-central Regional Director Nels Taber said. “We continue to work to ensure that the companies DEP regulates take their compliance obligations seriously.”

Inspections by the conservation district and DEP’s Oil and Gas staff in February and May found that Appalachia Midstream had failed to implement and maintain effective best-management practices to control erosion and sediment runoff during excavation for construction of a compressor station.

Best-management practices are measures used to minimize soil erosion and sedimentation to protect the quality of surface and groundwater in the area. They include various devices, such as silt-filter socks, as well as constructing diversion channels, sediment basins and stabilized slopes.

The inspections revealed violations of the Pennsylvania Clean Streams Law, Dam Safety and Encroachment Act and state regulations. A notice of violation letter was sent to the company on March 28, and a DEP inspection on Aug. 16 verified that Appalachia Midstream had corrected all the violations.

For more information, call 570-327-3659 or visit www.dep.state.pa.us.

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