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Damage Minimal at Elementary School



“We dodged a bullet. The good Lord was watching over us.” That’s how Wyalusing Area School District Superintendent Ray Fleming summed up the situation at Wyalusing’s new elementary school.

Yesterday we reported online that water was lapping at the doors of the school’s lower level and was up about six inches on the exterior walls.

“The seals held,” Fleming said. “There was minimal damage. A few carpet tiles in the library will need to be replaced,” Fleming said.

Maintenance manager Bob Brigham told Fleming it would take less than half a day to clean up what little mess was caused by the flooding. “Bob is euphoric about how we came through this,” Fleming said. “There’s no damage and no mud. The floor is wet in a few places and that’s it.”

A generator at the school kept the school refrigerators and freezers operating while the power was out so there was no food lost. At the high school, Fleming said the generator there failed, but there was no lost food and frozen foods are being transferred to the elementary school.

Fleming said the school will be open and running normally on Monday.

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