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Driver Survives Unscathed

Terry Township resident Lynn Ottaviani can count herself lucky for surviving this crash without serious injuries or worse. She was driving west along Route 187 in Terry Township Sunday afternoon just as the hard rain was changing to snow and the roadway quickly turned icy. Lynn's car ran out of control on a curve, left the roadway and snapped off a utility pole before careening over an embankment into a swollen stream. She escaped through the driver's side window and was picked up by a passing motorist. Emergency crews who responded to the scene at first feared she may have been washed away since there were no footprints offering evidence she had scaled the creek bank. Her father, Dr. Robert Ottaviani of Camptown, eventually arrived on the scene and told emergency crews that his daughter had phoned him and was okay. Photo by Pete Hardenstine. Click Here for Video Clip

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