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Eileen Ottaviani Joins Family Eye Care Practice


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Photo by David Keeler



Like Father, Like Daughter


By David Keeler

There’s a new optometrist in Wyalusing, but there’s nothing new about her family’s relationship with the community.

Dr. Eileen Ottaviani recently teamed up with her father, Dr. Robert Ottaviani, who’s been practicing in Wyalusing since he opened his Church Street office in September 1967, then later moving to Main Street.

Eileen Ottaviani is a Wyalusing Valley High School graduate and a 1996 graduate of the Pennsylvania College of Optometry, with internships in low vision and vision therapy. She continued her education through a residency at the Optometric Vision Development Center in LaJolla, California, a residency with emphasis on children’s vision and vision therapy.

When Ottaviani opened his Wyalusing office, Dr. Karl Peterson, the town’s physician, had an office in what is now the back portion of Ottaviani’s office.

In a letter sent out to his patients, Robert Ottaviani said it was with “great pride and pleasure” that he welcomed his daughter to his practice.

After working for several private practices, as well as corporate optometry, Eileen purchased a practice in Nipomo, California, where she has lived for the past nine years. While there she was an active member of local Rotary and Lions Clubs, as well as the Chamber of Commerce. She’s looking forward to becoming an active member of Wyalusing’s civic and business community.

Dr. Robert Ottaviani is a charter member of Wyalusing’s Lions Club where he has been an active member for many years.

When she’s not working, Eileen, who lives in Terry Township, enjoys golfing and other outdoor activities, including competing with her border collies in herding and agility competitions.

Eye care is a family affair with the Ottavianis. Robert Ottaviani’s wife, Rose, has worked at the Wyalusing office for years, and their son, Alan, is manager of their Wysox office, which opened in 1992. The two offices have eight employees.

Now that his daughter is part of his practice, Robert Ottaviani says he’s going to slow down a bit and continue his practice on a part-time basis. And being out of his office will be a new experience for Wyalusing’s veteran eye care professional. “During my 45 years of practice, I never missed a day of work due to illness,” Robert Ottaviani says.


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