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Many Roads Remain Closed in North Central PA



Following is a list of closed roads in north central Pennsylvania, according to PennDOT’s latest update which was issued at 4:30 p.m. Wednesdaty.


This and future updates will include notes on roads with closed state bridges on them. They will remain closed until repaired or replaced, depending on the extent of flood damage. They are noted in red bold type and italics.


Montoursville - The following state highways are closed in north central PA at this time due to flooding:


Columbia County

SR 11 from Market Street in Bloomsburg to the SR 42 Ramp to Catawissa near the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds;

**SR 487 between SR 42 at Catawissa and the Northumberland County line, flood damage near Southern Columbia School, SR 487 is open to Rohrbach's Farm Market from the Catawissa end of SR 487;

SR 1020 (Winding Road) in Fishing Creek Township, from Asbury Road to Harrison Road;

SR 3004 from SR 61 to the Northumberland County line;

SR 4008 (Back Branch Road) in Lightstreet from Oman Road to Main Street;

SR 4020 (Green Creek Road) in Orange Township from Mount Pleasant Road to Bowmans Mill Road;

SR 4023 (Spruce Run Road) in Madison Township, from intersection of SR 254 to Ants Hill Road;

SR 4025 (Ants Hill Road) in Madison Township from SR 44 to Liuzza Road;

SR 4034 (Mount Pleasant Road) in Orange Township from SR 487 to Sandy Stone Drive;

SR 4049 (Elk Grove Road) in Sugarloaf Township, from Spring Street in Central to the Sullivan County line;


Lycoming County

SR 87 from SR 973 at Loyalsockville to SR 3005 (Ogdonia Road) in Sullivan County;

SR 220 in Wolf Township from SR 405 (Main Street) to Beaver Lake Road, repairs underway at bridge one-half mile north of Hughesville;

SR 973 in Eldred Township, from Yeagle Road to SR 87, Slabtown Bridge out of service just west of SR 87;

SR 1003 (Wallis Run Road) from SR 973 at Slabtown to Murray Run Road in Gamble Township;

SR 1004 (Southard Road/Field Station Road/Beech Valley Road) from SR 14 to Rose Valley Road;

SR 1005 (Lower Barbours Road) in Plunketts Creek Township, from SR 87 to SR 1007 (Dunwoody Road);

**SR 1006 (Slacks Run Road) in Cascade Township between Flanagan Hill Road and Matthews Road, bridge out;

SR 1013 (state-owned bridge on Masten Road in McNett Township) from Pleasant Stream Road to Mcilwain Road in Mcnett Township;

SR 2055 (Chippewa Road) in Muncy Creek Township, from SR 405 to East Lime Bluff Road;

SR 2069 (Moreland Township Road) in Moreland Township, from Moreland Baptist Road to Wallis Road;

SR 2085 (Edkin Hill Road) from SR 220 in Penn Township to the Sullivan County line, bridge out of service just north of SR 220;


Montour County

SR 3003 (Narehood Road) in Liberty Township, between Steckermill Road and Mexico Road;

SR 3004 (Pottsgrove Road) in Liberty Township, between SR 45 and SR 642;

SR 4003 (Strick Road) in Limestone Township, from Landis Road to Ziegler Road;

SR 4001 (County Line Road) in Limestone Township;


Northumberland County

**OPEN - SR 487 from SR 54 at Elysburg to the Columbia County line;

SR 1015 (Paradise Street) in Turbot Township from SR 1016 (Paradise Road) to SR 1017 (Fort Rice Road);

SR 2002 (Boyd Station Road) in Rush Township, from SR 54 to the Montour County line;

SR 2016 (Reading Turnpike RD) from SR 61 in Shamokin Township to SR 2018 in Ralpho Township;

SR 2018 (Airport Road) in Ralpho Township from SR 54 to Reading Turnpike Road;

SR 2040 (7th Street) in Mount Carmel Borough from SR 61 to Market Street;

SR 3024 (Mahantango Creek Road) in Lower Mahanoy Township, from SR 147 to Malta Road;

SR 4012 (Snydertown Road) from Black Mill Road in Upper Augusta Township to Market Street in Snydertown;

SR 4020 (Hallowing Run Road) in Rockefeller Township, from SR 4019 (Dornsife Mountain Road) to SR 890;

SR 4026 (Irish Valley Road) in Shamokin Township, from Route 61 to Schoolhouse Road;


Snyder County



Sullivan County

SR 87 from SR 3005 (Ogdonia Road) to SR 973 at Loyalsockville in Lycoming County, two bridges currently closed in this section - one just south of Ogdonia Road and one about one mile north of Hillsgrove;

**SR 154 from the intersection of 220 in Laporte Township to the intersection of 87 in Forksville Borough;

SR 487 in Colley Township from Main Street to Pidgeon Road (bridge out at Lopez);

SR 2002 (Nordmont Road) in Davidson Township, between Brown Hill Road and Long Brook Road, bridge out of service about two miles east of Sonestown;

SR 2008 (Christian Camp Road) from both intersections with Hunters Road in Laporte and Davidson townships;

SR 3005 from the Lycoming County line in Shrewsbury Township to SR 87;

SR 4001 (Elk Creek Road) from SR 154 at Lincoln Falls to SR 87 in Hillsgrove Township;

SR 4014 from SR 154 in Elkland Township to Mill View Mountain Road in Forks Township;


Tioga County



Union County



Bradford County

SR 6 in Troy Township from SR 14 to SR 3032 (Mud Creek Road);

SR 187 in Orwell Township, bridge out one-quarter mile north of Orwell Hill Road or about two miles north of Rome;

SR 187 in Windham Township from SR 1049 to the New York state line, bridge closed about one-half mile south of the state line;

SR 199 from SR 220 in Athens Township to Pine Street in Athens Borough;

SR 414 from SR 3013 (Grange Road) in Franklin Township to Main Street in Monroeton;

SR 467 in Orwell Township, from Potterville Road to Chubbuck Road, bridge closed just east of Gulf Road or one mile south of Potterville;

**OPEN/LANE RESTRICTION - SR 1017 (Herrickville Road) in Herrick Township, from SR 706 at Camptown to Arey Road;

**OPEN - SR 1026 (East Road/Neath Road) in Pike Township, from Williams Street to Upham Road;

SR 1029 (Lake Hill Road) from SR 1046 (Bumpville Road) in Rome Township to North Rome Road in Litchfield Township, bridge closed in Sheshequin Township about one mile north of North Rome;

SR 1032 (Lake Of Meadows Road) in Warren Township, from Jackson Valley Road to the Susquehanna County line;

SR 1040 (Cadis Road) in Warren Township, from Leraysville Road to the New York state line;

SR 1043 (Sheshequin Road/Riverside Drive) from Front Street in Athens Township to the New York state line in Litchfield Township, bridge out on Riverside Drive one-quarter mile north of Glen Valley Street;

SR 1051 (Gulf Road) from Orwell Hill Road in Orwell Township to Leraysville Road in Warren Township;

SR 1055 (Battle Creek Road) from SR 187 at Rome to Cotton Hollow Road, two bridges are out of service - one just north of Harrington Road and one about one-half mile south of the other;

SR 1056 (Front Street) in Athens Township, from SR 199 to North Rome Road;

SR 1069 (Elmira Street) in Athens Borough, at Pine Street;

SR 2024 (Airport Road) in Towanda from South Main Street to Ellis Hill Road;

SR 3008 (Southside Road) between SR 3010 (Mill Street) in Leroy Township and SR 3001 (Allens Crossing Road) in Franklin Township;

SR 3013 (Grange Road) in Franklin Township from Creamery Road to Alexander Road;

**OPEN/LANE RESTRICTION - SR 3024 (Fairview Road) in West Burlington Township, from Bailey Corners Road to Hanks Road;

SR 3029 (Gulf Road) in Granville Township.


PennDOT District 3 has 25 flood-damage assessment teams spread across the north central region today. The general public is asked to refrain from traveling in the flood-damage areas in order to allow our teams time and access to do their work.





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