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Mercy Tyler Hospital Reverting to Former Name

Regional Hospital of Scranton, Tyler Memorial Hospital and Special Care Hospital will be the new names for the three Mercy Health Partners hospitals operating as Mercy Hospital Scranton, Mercy Tyler Hospital, and Mercy Special Care Hospital.

The names will change when the hospitals are acquired by an affiliate of Community Health Systems. Catholic Health Partners is retaining the Mercy trade name to continue operating other hospitals under the Mercy Health Partners brand.

Input on new names was sought from employees, physicians, Bishop Joseph Bambera, the Sisters of Mercy and the community to understand the hospitals’ heritage and vision for the future. All thoughts were taken into consideration, and potential names were checked with a state registry to ensure they would be available for use, before making the final decision.

“These hospitals are beloved for their history of service and caring for the community,” said Aaron Hazzard, acquisition project manager. “New logos for each hospital represent the patient—healthcare’s central focus—and the physicians, hospital team and family who provide care and support.”

Tyler Memorial Hospital and Special Care Hospital are reverting to names they have held historically. Regional Hospital of Scranton has been selected to reflect the broad geographic reach and scope of care the hospital provides.

Signage and collateral materials will be updated in the months following the acquisition transaction close.

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