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Milan Man Guilty of Heading Meth Ring

United States Attorney Thomas A. Marino recently announced the return of a guilty verdict again Jervis Laverne Goodrich of Milan, PA.

On Aug. 10, a federal jury in the Middle District of Pennsylvania fond Goodrich guilty of conspiracy to manufacture, distribute and possess with the intent to distribute methamphetamine and to steal anhydrous ammonia, as well as one count of theft of anhydrous ammonia with intent to manufacture methamphetamine. Goodrich faces a maximum term of imprisonment of 30 years and a maximum fine of $1,2500,000 on the counts for which he was convicted.

The jury found Goodrich not guilty on two counts of the indictment charging possession of a listed chemical and distribution of methamphetamine. Judge john E. Jones, III ordered a pre-sentence investigation and scheduled a pre-sentence conference for Nov. 24.

In finding Goodrich guilty of conspiring to manufacture methamphetamine and theft of anhydrous ammonia with intent to manufacture methamphetamine, the jury unanimously found that Goodrich was an organizer, leader, manager or supervisor of the criminal activity charged in those counts. The jury also unanimously found that the offenses for which Goodrich was convicted involved an unlawful discharge, emission or release into the environment of a hazardous or toxic substance and that the offenses involved the unlawful transportation, treatment, storage or disposal of a hazardous waste.

In announcing the verdict, Marino praised the Bradford County Drug Task Force and the Pennsylvania State Police for their ongoing efforts to investigate and prosecute methamphetamine manufacturers and distributors.

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