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Primary Election Results: McLinko and Vaughn Hold Onto Contested Bradford County Seats


Republican candidate Sharon Lowery was locked out of the fall general election for the three Bradford County Commissioner seats, netting only 26.37 percent of the Republican vote in the primary election held on May 17. Fellow Republicans Doug McLinko and Daryl Miller are now assured of a chance to run against two Democratic commissioner candidates, after pulling 35.26 and 30.42 percent of the Republican vote, respectively, according to unofficial totals released on May 18 by the Bradford County Election Bureau. Candidates Mark W. Smith and Gene Osmun will run as Democrats in the fall race, garnering 54.9 and 35.31 percent of the Democratic votes in the primary, respectively. Smith also received write-in votes on the Republican ticket.

In another hotly contested county-wide race, Republican Sally Fairchild Vaughn held off an attempt by fellow Republican Michael D. Schultz to unseat her as Prothonotary and Court Clerk, retaining 55.47 percent of the vote against Schultz’s 44.51 percent.

As the results were unofficial yet at press time, several races in various municipalities were too close to call, including the referendum vote in North Towanda Township as to whether alcoholic beverages will be sold in the historically “dry” township. Unofficially, residents leaned toward “No,” with 50.62 percent of the vote and 49.38 percent of the vote for “Yes.”

Although there were no registered candidates for three of five open seats on Wyalusing Borough Council, George Anderson received nine Republican and eight Democratic write-in votes for the position. Gary Rouse received three Republican and two Democratic votes as a write-in candidate. Alan Kinney received two Republican write-in votes. Between the two tickets, 13 local residents received one write-in vote each.

Many races were uncontested and, in most of those cases, the sole candidate received 95 percent or more of the vote. In Monroe Township, however, write-in votes were widely reported for both supervisor and auditor. It appears from initial results that David G. Dunn will retain his position as the Republican contender in the fall for the supervisor seat with 51.47 percent to 48.53 percent for combined write-in votes. Without a list of those names written into ballots, however, it is not clear that Republican auditor candidate Carl E. Watkins secured his position on the ballot, as 55.81 percent of the votes were written in. According to Bradford County director of elections Renee Smithkors, incumbent Peter Hay was leading in the write-in count for the supervisor’s race on both the Republican and Democratic ballots, and Michael Wright had received significant write-in votes for the auditor seat under both parties.

Likewise, in Albany Township, where there were no registered candidates for supervisor, there were 45 Republican write-in votes and 14 Democratic write-in votes. Smithkor indicated that Dave Bundle and Kyle Bird were among the key write-in candidates, though she cautioned that the results were not official and that some write-in votes are not counted due to incomplete or misspelled names in all contests.

In addition to the aforementioned races, vote percentages for primary contests with two or more registered candidates were listed by the county as follows:


Bradford County:

Superior Court Judge—Reps. Vic Stabile 60.45 and Paula A. Patrick 39.37

Commonwealth Court Judge—Reps. Anne Covey 78.24 and Paul P. Panepinto 21.63

Dems.Kathryn Boockvar 51.49 and Barbara Ernsberger 47.28

County Auditor - Reps. Audrey Allen 50.09 and Susan H. Storch 49.40


LeRaysville Councilman—Reps. Alan E. Coates 42.5 and Richard C. Potter 42.5


Monroe Borough Councilman 4 yr.—Reps. Joan L. Grenell 34.26, Geoffrey L. Harris 32.41, and Robert L. Bahr 31.02


Pike Township Supervisor—Reps. Douglas Clearwater 55.7 and Kenneth M. Crown 32.91


Rome Township Supervisor—Reps. Gary N. Hosley 60.13 and Roger Druck 39.87


Standing Stone Supervisor—Reps. Terry F. Fairchild 55.91 and Martin Coates 44.09


Towanda Borough CouncilmanFirst Ward

Reps. Philip Roof 50.41 and Jean Miller 49.59

Towanda Borough CouncilmanSecond Ward

Reps. Paul Sweitzer 50.54 and Matthew Horton 48.39

Towanda Borough CouncilmanThird Ward

Reps. J. Mark Christini 41.21, Ellen Lacek 30.3, and Robert E. McLinko 21.52


Towanda School Board

Reg. 1—Republican ticket: Robert Hettich 38.02, Evelyn J. Sherburne 32.55, and Matthew P. Horton 28.52

Democratic ticket: Robert Hettich 47.27 and Evelyn J. Sherburne 48.64

Reg. 2—Republican ticket: Guy Maryott 54.28 and Pete Alesky 44.98

Democratic ticket: Guy Maryott 56.93 and Pete Alesky 40.10


Wyalusing School Board

Reg. 1—Republican ticket: Richard Robinson 54.14 and Vincent Amoroso 44.36

Democratic ticket: Richard Robinson 54.19 and Vincent Amoroso 45.81

Reg. 2—Republican ticket: Deborah Stethers 98.87

Democratic ticket: Deborah Stethers 95.71

Reg. 3—Republican Ticket: Barbara Prevost 45.18 and Jean Vande Mark 54.15

Democratic ticket: Barbara Prevost 45.76 and Jean Vande Mark 52.54


Wysox Township Supervisor—Reps. Jon Derrick Kulick 39.41, James D. Roof 24.16, and Kenneth M. Whipp, Sr. 36.43


For a complete list of election results, including those candidates who were uncontested, readers may log onto www.bradfordcountypa.org/electionresults/.



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