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Primary Election Results: Wyoming County Voters Call for Change

In the biggest race in Wyoming County—-County Commissioner—the top vote getters on both the Republican and Democratic ballots were challengers. Republican Tom Henry received 1,745 votes to lead the field with 27.24 percent. Close behind was incumbent Judy Kraft Mead with 22.58 percent, which may be a nod to the work done by the present board. Following Mead was Sandra Ritz with 20.18 percent of the vote, and then Connie Kintner with 14.70 and Michael DiStadio with 13.0.

The Democratic ballot for commissioner was not dissimilar: challenger Ron Williams, who had the added cachet of being a former county commissioner, came in with 39.87 percent of the vote. Incumbent Stark Bartron was not far behind with 33.38 percent. Challenger Richard Dixon brought up the rear with 17.98.

The other contested race in the county was for the office of Sheriff. Current Sheriff Richard Montross will be retiring at the end of the year. On Tuesday, Deputy Edward Sherman took 67.6 percent of the vote on the Republican ticket. Challenger Jeff Helwig came in far behind with only 25.39 percent of the vote. Michelle Hillard, currently a Deputy Sheriff in Susquehanna County, received just under seven percent of the vote. On the Democratic ballot, Duane Marbaker was running unopposed and received 78.14 percent of the vote. There were 249 write-in votes as well.

Acting Prothonotary Karen Bishop received 99.84 percent of the vote on the Republican ticket; she ran unopposed. Current Recorder of Deeds and Wills Dennis Montross received 99.79; he ran unopposed.

Of the many candidates seeking to fill the District Judge position in the eastern part of the county, Republican David Plummer garnered the most votes with 29.81 percent. The next closest contender was Brian Petula with 23.82 percent. Following at a considerable distance were Lisa Koval with 12.50 percent, Keith Reynolds with 11.86 and Roger Mattes with 11.75. Mark Johnson earned the fewest votes with only 10.26 percent. The position was vacated by Russell Shurtleff when he left it to become Wyoming County’s President Judge. On the Democratic ballot, the results were similar with Plummer in first place with 33.33 percent, Petula in second with 26.17, Reynolds with 21.11 and Mattes with 16.30. They were the only candidates who had cross-filed.

Countywide, only 31.28 percent of eligible voters came out on the rainy Tuesday to cast a ballot. Despite this, that one-third of the enfranchised county residents have decided who will have a coveted slot on the November ballot.


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