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Santa Visits New Albany Community Hall

—By Pete Hardenstine—

Dozens of New Albany area children were able to enjoy an early taste of Christmas on Sunday, Dec. 4, at the Community Hall.

The New Albany Children’s Fund hosted the event, which included a visit from Santa Claus.

Other activities for the children included games such as musical chairs, a ride on Charlie Kellogg’s horse-drawn wagon through the borough, music provided by DJ Erreck McComb and refreshments.

Many of the children received gifts.

According to Debbie McComb, representing the Children’s Fund, the gifts came from generous donations from individuals and local businesses. She also noted that Wyoming Casing, which operates in the New Albany area, and Chesapeake Energy made generous donations.

Of course, the highlight of the event was the appearance by Santa, who posed for pictures and heard the Christmas wishes from many of the children.

When asked what seemed to be the most popular requests this year, Santa replied, “Definitely electronics.”

PlayStations and Game Boys were highly requested.

“Younger girls are asking for Barbies and the younger boys are looking for ’dozers and trucks,” Santa added.

When asked if he recognized anyone from the “Naughty and Nice” list in the hall, Santa observed, “There are a lot of good ones here.”

If he had one wish, Santa would have preferred cooler weather than the near 50-degree day Sunday.

“It is warm in this suit,” he said.




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