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Dream Victory at Camptown


John Johnson has been a fixture on the local running circuit for several years, competing and often winning many events.

On Saturday, Sept. 16, the Ulster resident laid claim to the granddaddy of local runs—the Camptown Races.

Johnson led the challenging 10K event from start to finish, crossing the line at the village ballfield in 37 minutes, 20 seconds.

“This was one that was on my life-long list to win,” Johnson said. “Winning the Camptown Races is definitely a big deal. I’m psyched about it.”

While the heavy rain and flooding from a week ago may have raised a little havoc on the trail, Johnson didn’t find the course to be much different from normal.

“The course was a little sloppy, but that’s the way it should be,” he said. “It’s trail racing.

“I loved it. I like the mud, the rocky stuff. It’s perfect for me.”

Northeast Bradford student Levi Upham finished second in 41:34, followed by Wyalusing Valley senior Ryan Hart in 42:36.

Ariana Rife made the trip down from Little Meadows and was the top female finisher in her first appearance at Camptown.

Her time of 54:56 was good for 21st, overall, and well ahead of runner-up Marissa Piccirilli, who ran a 1:01:28.  

“Half of it is really fun and awesome and the other half is really treacherous but cool in its own way,” Rife said of the course.

Bob Moore and Sharon May were the male and female Masters winners as the top runners 40 years and older.

Johnson, Rife, Moore and May all received miniature barn quilts, provided by the Greater Wyalusing Chamber of Commerce as prizes.

Degan Smith won the Clydesdale Award for the first male to finish who weighed over 200 pounds. Tari Trowbridge won the Athena Award for top woman over 140 pounds.

Johnson also ran as part of the winning three-man team that also included Bill Mosier and James Donovan.

The top two finishers in each age-group received commemorative water bottles as prizes.

The male age-group results were: 14-under: 1. Upham; 15-19: 1. Hart; 20-29: 1. Jeff Shanks, 2. Caleb Wheaton; 30-39: 1. Murray, 2. Carlos Velez; 40-49: 1. Burdett Porter, 2. Donovan; 50-59: 1. Mosier, 2. Kerry Zemek.

For the women, the age-group winners were: 20-29: 1 Piccirilli; and 40-49: 1. Shelley McAndrew, 2. Donna Marrone.



1. John Johnson 37:20; 2. Levi Upham 41:34; 3. Ryan Hart 42:36; 4. Jon Murray 42:43; 5. Carlos Velez 45:24; 6. Robert Moore 45:55; 7. Joshua Sitas 47:16; 8. Burdett Porter 47:27; 9. Degan Smith 47:36; 10. Jeff Shanks 47:39; 11. Bill Mosier 48:54; 12. James Donovan 49:54; 13. Kerry Zemek 51:03; 14. Caleb Wheaton 51:20; 15. Matt Voda 51:47; 16. Chad Butcher 53:00; 17. Larry Hoover 53:32; 18. Alden Park 53:45; 19. Grant Brewin 53:54; 20. David Rote 53:59; 21. Ariana Rife 54:56; 22. Anton Brzoska 55:31; 23. John Voda 55:54; 24. Matt Derrick 56:12; 25. Jim Hoffman 59:06; 26. Marissa Piccirilli 1:01:28; 27. Tom Bradford 1:02:14; 28. William Matson 1:02:25; 29. Sharon May 1:02:59; 30. Tari Trowbridge 1:03:02; 31. Kevin Good 1:05:42; 32. Jeremy Skillings 1:06:23; 33. Shelley McAndrew 1:06:43; 34. Donna Marrone 1:10:21; 35. Dominic Daley 1:14:04; 36. Valerie Morse-Jenkins 1:18:49; 37. Seana Juda 1:21:27.

 Ariana Rife of Little Meadows was the overall female winner of the Camptown Races, finishing in a time of 54:56.  Ariana Rife of Little Meadows was the overall female winner of the Camptown Races, finishing in a time of 54:56. 

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