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Dunn Hill 2 Adds Karts, Small Cars to 2012 Schedule


Last week’s sudden closing of Wyalusing Valley Motorsports Park (WVMP) in Homets Ferry, PA left hundreds of racers, fans, and teams in shock. Most were faced with making a choice between parking their machines or traveling an hour or more to another facility.

Enter Dunn Hill 2 (DH2) Speedway promoter Mark Spencer and his team. After just over a week of negotiations, an agreement has been reached between Spencer and WVMP owners Rich Howard, Sr. and Billy Maynard that will result in the continuation of small car and kart racing in the Northern Tier.

Spencer has secured all WVMP equipment, much of which will be used in the renovations at DH2. The lighting from WVMP will be installed, and a smaller kart track will be constructed on the infield of the Monroeton facility. The microsprints and slingshots will compete on the large track. This will allow the team to prep each track more suitably for the type of cars being run on it.

S&A Construction, Excavation and Trucking has stepped up to assist with the modifications to the facility. The WVMP surface will be hauled in to form the kart track, with some new clay slated to be put down on the big track as well.

Stock car racing will remain on Friday nights, with the small car program taking place on Saturday evenings.

As part of this agreement, WVMP track preparer Neil Brown has agreed to offer advice and guidance to the DH2 track crew to get the racing surfaces in shape and ready for action. WVMP promoter Billy Maynard has committed to work with the DH2 staff for the 2012 season for much of the organizational duties. Maynard declined an invitation to manage the Saturday race program and will not be involved in race day operations. In addition, several WVMP staff members have agreed to work the DH2 program as well. This should make the transition as “seamless” as possible.

This arrangement is as close to picking up the WVMP racing program and simply moving it to another location as any “kid” could hope for on his or her “wish list.”

“We love seeing the kids at our facility on Friday nights. We are doing this for the kids. We want to see them continue having fun racing,” stated Spencer following Tuesday’s meeting.

“I am grateful to Dunn Hill 2 for stepping up to the plate for the WVMP racers. I’m sure there will be a period of transition and some bugs to work out, but I hope the racers will give them a chance and support their efforts. I’ve had several offers to form and manage new small car operations over the past week, but from day one at WVMP our goal was to bring this type of racing to our area. My main goal moving forward was to see that continue for our racers. I look forward to assisting Dunn Hill 2 with any guidance I can to get this program up and running.” offered Maynard.

For 2012, Dunn Hill 2 will be “adopting” WVMP’s planned 2012 divisions, pricing, rules (with only a few modifications as needed for their layout and organization) and payouts. The 600cc and Regular 270cc Microsprint divisions will still be getting $50 to take the green in the feature, but once again, Spencer is throwing out a gift— $400 to win weekly in both divisions (with 12 or more cars entered).

Work is expected to begin right after the first of the year, with small car racing kicking off with practice in late April. The schedule, payouts, rules and other information will be finalized and posted as soon as possible. Watch for news and updates on the track’s website, www.dunnhill2speedway.com.

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