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Pulls Highlight Antique Tractor Show


Tractor and truck pulls highlighted the 17th annual Twin Tier Antique Tractor and Machinery Association Show in Rome on June 17-19.

“It was a good turnout for us,” said association spokeswoman Florence Campbell.

The event’s grand marshals were Kathy and Paul Yoachim, who received a plaque and a gold pitchfork.

Creedin Otto, Jr., of Mechanicsburg received a plaque for the most unique tractor—a Bungartz garden tractor.

Graham Smith, Golden Hill, received the Survivor tractor plaque.

The show included small engine displays, many antique tractors and several vendors.

Results of the tractor pull, which was held on Saturday, June 18, were:

•3000: Duane Vanderpool, Gregg Vanderpool, Ryan Powell.

•3500 (3 m.p.h.): Bob Ely, Gregg Vanderpool, Duane Vanderpool.

•3500 (open): Eric Kurtz.

•3500 (6 m.p.h.): Bob Ely, T.J. Saunders, Ryan Powell.

•4000 (3 m.p.h.): Joni Brookens, Bob Ely, Brett Teeter.

•4000 (6 m.p.h.): Bob Ely, Tom Powell, Ryan Powell.

•4000 (open): Kevin Rider, Eric Kurtz.

•4500 (3 m.p.h.): Randy Pruyne, Brett Teeter, Gordy Martz.

•4500 (open): Kevin Rider, Dave Borden.

•5000 (3 m.p.h.): Randy Pruyne, Tim Ackley, Brian Jennings.

•5000 (6 m.p.h.): Gilbert Rockl, Karl Rockl, Pat Avery-Cobb.

•5000 (open): Kevin Rider, Karl Rockl.

•5500 (3 m.p.h.): Kami Kellogg, Tim Ackley, Brian Jennings.

•5500 (6 m.p.h.): Jarrett Bidlack, Kaci Kellogg, Bob Kurtz.

 •6000 (3 m.p.h.): Pat Avery-Cobb, Kami Kellogg, Jason Brown.

•6000 (6 m.p.h.): Bob Kurtz, Kaci Kellogg, Steve Aquair.

•6000 (open): Darin Johnson, Fred Isbell, Kami Kellogg.

•6500 (3 m.p.h.): Tom Powell, Bob Ely, Kaci Kellogg.

•6500 (open): Darin Johnson, Fred Isbell, Floyd Isbell.

•7000 (3 m.p.h.): Jordan Ferris, Pat Avery-Cobb, Bob Ely.

•7000 (6 m.p.h.): Clinton Higley, Cory McCracken, Steve Aquair.

•7500 (3 m.p.h.): Cory McCracken, Tom Powell, Jordan Ferris.

•8000 (3 m.p.h.): Tom Powell, Chopper Harkness, Bob Ely.

•8500 (3 m.p.h.): Chopper Harkness, Tom Powell, Steve Aquair.

The results of the truck pull, held on Sunday, June 19, were:

•Diesel Stock: Evan Goodrich, Cole Aldinger, Robert Dorazio.

•Diesel Open: Dave Brown, Josh Henderson, Gavin Chilson.

•Diesel Modified: Josh Henderson, Jeff MacDonald, Aaron Holdren.

•Gas Open: Terry Selleck, Mike Mosier, Don Winslow, II.

•Gas Stock: Glenn Beckley, Don Winslow, II, Mike Mosier.

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