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Records Fall at Elementary Track Meet


Three new meet records were set during the Wyalusing Area Elementary Track and Field Day at Peterson Stadium on May 11.

A total of 315 students in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades from the Wyalusing, New Albany, Camptown and Laceyville elementary schools competed in the event.

Next year, the meet will be held within a stone’s throw of the new district-wide elementary school currently being completed just yards away from the track.

Wyalusing sixth grader Ryan Kipp won the 50-meter hurdles in a record time of 7.78 seconds.

Megan Tinna, also a Wyalusing sixth grader, established a new 50-meter dash mark with a time of 7.74 seconds.

Kevin Alvarez, a Wyalusing fourth grader, made 23 of 25 points in the soccer kick for a new record.

Five-hundred and twenty-one ribbons were presented.

The track competition included the 50-meter hurdles, 50-meter dash, 100-meter dash, 200-meter dash, 400-meter dash, 800-meter run, 400-meter relay and 800-meter relay.

Besides the soccer kick, the other field events included basketball shoot, softball throw, running long jump and high jump.

Winners in the individual events are as follows:

50-meter hurdles: 4G: Alexis Schoonover (C) and Taylor Bennett (C); 4-B: DeVaughn Manuel (NA); 5-G: Tyniecia Fenton (W); 5-B: Kasar Cameron (L); 6-G: Regan Miller (W) and 6-B: Ryan Kipp (W).

50-meter dash: 4-G: Kendall Krewson (W); 4-B: Anthony Gochenaur (W); 5-G: Kassi Wheeler (NA); 5-B: Scott Eberlin (L); 6-G: Megan Tinna (W) and Jon Morrison (W).

100-meter dash: 4-G: Sierra Finnerty (W); 4-B: Colton Cooley (W); 5-G: Bridgit Smith (NA); 5-B: Kregory Johnson (W); 6-G: Miranda Mader (C) and Patrick Salsman (W).

200-meter dash: 4-G: Makala Voda (L); 4-B: Colton Johnson (W); 5-G: Sarah Bird (NA) and Drew Masters (W).

400-meter dash: 5-G: Hannah Corson (NA); 5-B: Brandon Brown (W); 6-G: Naomi Lynwood (C) and Derek Frederick (W).

800-meter run: 6-G: Ashley VanHorn (NA) and 6-B: Ryan Kipp.

Softball throw: 4-G: Melody Kneller (W); 4-B: Dustin Cook (W); 5-G: Megan Hartshaw (L); 5-B: Michael Wilcox (W); 6-G: Erica Anderson (C) and Dawson Otis (W).

Soccer kick: 4-G: Madelynn Mapes; 4-B: Kevin Alvarez (W); 5-G: Alyssa Porter (C); 5-B: Zachary Bates (C); 6-G: Samantha Smiley (W) and 6-B: Carlos Alvarez (W).

High jump: 4-G: Melody Kneller (W); 4-B: Kevin Heeman (W); 5-G: Tyniecia Fenton (W); 5-B: Carl Gowin (L); 6-G: Patrice Hotaling and 6-B: Kyle Robinson (W).

Running long jump: 4-G: Ashlee Newton; 4-B: Colton Cooley (W); 5-G: Sarah Bird (NA); 5-B: Creighton Edsell (C); 6-G: Tehya Turner (L) and Ryan Kipp (W).

Basketball shoot: 4-B: Heather Hadsall (L); 4-B: Andreas Silkiss (C); 5-G: Macey Carr; 5-B: Kyle Warner (L); 6-G: Jackie Hoover (NA) and 6-B: Jon Morrison (W).

400-meter relay: 4-G: Shelby Kipp, Rachel Chagrin, Kaitlyn Miller and Georgia O’Connor (NA); 4-B: DeVaughn Manuel, Gavin Joslyn, Adam Mergen and Mason McGroarty (NA); 5-G: Kaitlyn Short, LeAnn Kipp, April Ackiss and Kassi Wheeler (NA); 4-B: Scott Eberlin, Nick Superko, Elijah Bennett and Gari Gowin (L); 6-G: Summer Putnam, Amanda Brown, Olivia Cruz and Gerrica Clouse (C) and 6-B: Ryan Pope, Jon Morrison, Patrick Salsman and Kyle Robinson (W).

800 meter relay: 4-G: Kelsey Armitage, Samantha Wood, Kaitlyn Kithcart and Mackenzie Tewksbury (C); 4-B: Colton Cooley, Brandon Dake, Micah Bennett and Trent Nickeson (W); 5-G: Hannah Corson, Alexis Fryer, Bridgit Smith and Sarah Bird (NA); 5-B: Calvin Burke, Joseph Doss, Luke Minturn and Will Martin (W); 6-G: Summer Putnam, Amanda Brown, Olivia Cruz and Gerrica Clouse (C) and Ryan Kipp, Derek Frederick, Josh Haley and Kyle Robinson (W).

New Albany’s Cheyenne Jenner kicks the soccer ball during the Elementary Track and Field Day.New Albany’s Cheyenne Jenner kicks the soccer ball during the Elementary Track and Field Day.

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