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The End Zone Seat: Teamwork Made This Sports Section


I really don’t want to make my broken wrist a recurring theme here, but I did want to fill readers in on my progress and to tip my hat to all the people who have been so helpful to this point.

The surgery on Sept. 17 was successful in that a plate and several screws were used to stabilize the break.

On Tuesday, I had my first session of physical therapy, and it did give me hope that I will be back to as close to normal as possible sooner rather than later.

Unable to write as of yet, I have been very appreciative of the cooperation I have received from the Wyalusing coaches who have submitted information via email.

I have found email to be a filter rather than a relationship builder, and I have tried to keep touch with the coaches as best as I can by phone.

Fortunately, despite the number of fall sports and because of the cooperation of the coaches, being unable to write is really only a huge problem for football.

The play-by-play sheets still need to be done and statistics figured.

Luckily, I was able to recruit Erika Huffman, the coach’s daughter and a busy girl herself as she competes in volleyball and cross country this fall, to be my scribe during games.

Friday at Athens was her debut and, despite a very brief lesson, she picked it up quickly and did a great job.

Thank you, Erika for the help and I look forward to working with you.

Until my hand gets stronger and some of the paraphernalia comes off my wrist, I am unable to drive.

So I am very lucky to have some great people willing to act as my drivers including Megan Cobb and Diana Lamb here at work, and my 84-year-old mother, who I know has more physical complaints than I, but gets behind the wheel out of love.

Not only can’t I write, but I can’t hold a camera.

Thanks to Bob Hutchings and Kelly Cole for picking up some of the picture-taking duties I ordinarily would handle myself.

Everybody here in the office has been helpful and understanding as I try to crank out the sports section one-handed each week. This includes Ree Ann Ross in typesetting and Megan and Tim Ennis with pagination when I was in surgery.

I was never a quick typist, but with one hand, I am now just a half-fast one.

This necessitates shorter stories than usual, which some of you might say is a good thing.

I’ve noticed one good result.

Diana hasn’t been questioning as many boo-boos when proofreading my stories. I guess trying to be short and concise has made me a more careful writer too.

I’m very glad that the mouse on the faithful Mac is also easily used lefthanded. Some of you probably recall the PCs that had a mouse with left- and right-click commands. I don’t want to think about how that would work.

Shortly after I got hurt, the girls’ softball booster club presented me with a District Four championship jacket just like the one the girls received for their Class A title this spring.

The surprise had been planned before I was hurt, but the presentation came just when a grouchy middle-aged sportswriter needed a little encouragement.

I want the club members and all the girls to know that I appreciated the gesture very much.

Now if I can get all this junk off my arm so I can wear it before the snow flies, it will be the best gift of all.


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