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The End Zone Seat: Some Random Thoughts on Random Things

It's summertime and the living is easy. At least, that's what the old song says.

Here's a few random thoughts for easy summer reading.

* * *

I wish I were a race horse.

What's wrong with a life where you only work for a year and then be put out to stud?

Good luck on your new job, Smarty Jones. We'll miss you.

* * *

Doesn't this strike you as ironic?

The special match races involving NASCAR Nextel Cup personnel at Tioga Motorsports Park to benefit the Spalding Foundation for Injured Drivers was cancelled because the powers that be in NASCAR pulled out in the wake of Dale Earnhardt, Jr.'s accident in a sports car race at Sonoma.

A driver got hurt so we won't help out a fundraiser for a group that helps injured drivers.

Sounds like typical mush-headed NASCAR thinking to me.

Especially since Little E wouldn't have gotten hurt if he had been wearing all his fire-protection gear.

* * *

Speaking of mush-headed NASCAR thinking, I wish someone would explain what they're thinking about with their Nextel Cup scheduling.

The vast majority of their fans watch the races on television, yet they continue to drop races at tracks that are conducive to good racing, while keeping boring tracks where very little happens.

It makes no sense to me that a great track like Rockingham gets dropped, and they race at New Hampshire where races are just 300-mile parades.

Why is it every time anyone mentions adding a new track to the circuit, Watkins Glen is always the one rumored to be on the hit list?

It makes no sense to me. Of the two road courses on the circuit, the Glen is by far the best track. It's faster and it has more passing spots than Sonoma.

Unless NASCAR has thoughts of adding a different road course somewhere, it doesn't make sense to have the teams build a road-course car for one race a year.

When Brian France announced that the sanctioning body was looking at building a track in Staten Island to be near the lucrative New York City market, he specifically mentioned Watkins Glen as a possible victim.

Excuse me, but Pocono is much closer to New York City than Watkins Glen. It is also in the Philadelphia market area, as is Dover, a much-more fan friendly facility.

Pocono pays lousy purses. The drivers don't particularly like it. It's hard on cars. It takes over four hours to run 500 miles, longer than television likes to spend on an event.

Why not dump one Pocono race?

* * *

Did you see in Tuesday's USA Today that Roger Clemens was tossed out of a game last Saturday?

No, it wasn't an Astros game. He was attending a youth league game in Colorado that his 10-year-old son was playing in when he was thrown out of the ballpark for accidentally spitting a sunflower seed on an umpire while arguing a call.

I'll bet you Mike Piazza would like to have that ump the next time the Mets play Houston.

* * *

I don't know about you, but I'm wondering how Athens is going to be ready to host the Olympics. When I was there last month, there was still a lot of construction going on.

Oh well, I suppose they could always move some of the events to Sayre.

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