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We're in the midst of making some significant changes to the Rocket-Courier's website and along with the improvements, we're experiencing some growing pains.

Among the many changes to our website is a feature that allows us to provide our on-line readers with a searchable archives.

Formerly, once we pulled a story from our on-line edition, it was no longer available to our readers; now it will be a permanent part of our website.

Visitors to our site can search for stories by the author's name, issue date or any text contained in the story or title.

If, for example, you wanted to see all the stories we have on file that were written by Wes Skillings, just type his name in the "author" field and you'll be given a list of all of Wes's stories that have appeared on our website. Should you want to see only Wes's Skill Unlimited columns, it would simply be a matter of typing "Skill" or " Skill Unlimited" into the appropriate field.

Want to see a Just Ask Alice column that appeared in a previous issue? Simply type those words into the "title" field and you'll see everything we have filed for Alice.

Should you want to see all of the stories we posted on a particular date, simply type that into the "date" field and you'll see the entire list.

Or, if you need to see a story that appeared a few weeks ago about your cousin Joe, just type in his name and you'll be able to read the story.

All news stories, obituaries, sports and columns that are posted on our website will be included in our on-line archives. When you call up an article by clicking on the "search back issues" button, you'll see the article and all photos that appeared with it when it was originally posted. Currently, our archives contain stories we've posted over the 30 days, but we expect to see the size of our archives expand dramatically in the coming months.

We've also made our on-line classified section easier to read. The ads are now displayed in pretty much the same format as those that appear in our print edition.

And we're including more content from our print edition on our website. We've added a new on-line section called "Community" which is where you'll find photos and stories from pages 2-3 in our print edition.

Our new software also makes the process of adding stories and photos to our website quicker and easier than previously was the case, so you can expect to see local news stories appear on our website much sooner than was previously the case.

As I mentioned, along with the improvements, we're experiencing some growing pains. The database that houses our archives and basically manages our entire website has been locking up frequently and not allowing access to our website.

We're working hard to resolve this problem, and although we've made some headway, the problem still crops up now and then.

So we ask our on-line readers to be patient while we work through this transition.

If you experience problems logging on to our website or can't reach a particular section, we urge you to try again later when hopefully we'll have the problems resolved.

Some sections of our website have been temporarily deactivated while we work at resolving problems. Our WVHS alumni email directory is currently off-line, but we hope to have it up and running again in the near future.

We apologize for the inconvenience that has come with these changes but are confident once we have the bugs worked out, our readers will see our new website as a significant improvement.

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