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needs 7 temporary workers 7/7/2016 to 8/31/2016. Work
tools, supplies, equipment provided without cost to worker.
Housing will be available without cost to workers who
cannot reasonably return to their permanent residence at
the end of the workday. Transportation reimbursement and
subsistence is provided upon completion of 15 days or 50%
of the work contract. Work is guaranteed for 3/4 of the
workdays during the contract period. $11.74 per hr.
Applicants apply at FutureWorks (413) 858-2800 or apply
for the job at the nearest local office of the SWA. Job Order
#7270073. Work may include, but not limited to, harvesting
tobacco. Duties may include applying fertilizer, applying
general use pesticides under the supervision of a licensed
applicator, cleaning and handling harvested products. May
set up, operate and repair farm equipment, repair tent and
farm buildings and may participate in irrigation activities.
1 month experience required in work listed. R26p
Keywords Full Time, communication skills, Bradford County, PO Box, Keeler Newspapers, Front Desk, Registered Nurse, skills computer, computer software, written communication, good oral, software skills, high safety, newlyhired technicians, safety standards
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