1951 Wyalusing Creamery FireIt was Wednesday, April 5, 1951, when fire swept through and destroyed what was described as one of Wyalusing’s last surviving industries, The Dairymen’s League Creamery on Riverside Drive, which was located where Park Place is today. Workers were already on the job at about 6:30 a.m. when creamery employee Roy Howell spotted flames coming from an office and shooting up to the plant’s second floor. The fire continued to spread, eventually rocking the community with a loud explosion when the plant’s ammonia tank blew up. Firefighters from Laceyville arrived at the scene with additional hose, but the building was eventually destroyed. The creamery was eventually rebuilt, but in the early 1980’s, the building was razed to make space for Park Place.  In the top photo, workers gather outside the creamery as clouds of smoke billow from the burning plant. In the bottom photo, some of the creamery workers are pictured. They include: (left to right) Claude Proof, Roland “Dode” Proof, Benton Hardic and Roy Howell on steps. Thanks to Ree Ann Hardic Ross for the loan of these photos. wyalusingcreameryfire411.jpg

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