1936 and ’72 Floods at Welles MillAt a time when most everyone is talking about floods and flood damage, here’s a look back at two of the region’s most devastating floods as seen at Wyalusing’s Welles Mill. On the left is a view of the 1936 flood and on the right 1972. As can be seen by the water level on the window frames in the white building, which was the mill’s office at the time, the ’72 flood was substantially worse. The mill pictured was destroyed by fire in 1981 and was located approximately where the mill is now. Better look quick, however, the existing mill is slated for demolition later this week. The 1936 flood took place in March and resulted from rapidly melting snow; the ’72 flood was due to Hurricane Agnes. Thanks to Chip Welles for the loan of these photos.wellesmIll1936and1972511.jpg

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