Fair Days in WyalusingHere’s a look back at the Wyalusing Borough Park during the summer of 1897 when one of the community’s popular fairs was taking place. Although this photo was snapped by Wyalusing photographer Hamlin J. Lloyd in mid summer, you won’t see a single person wearing shorts or a tank top, which is the normal attire at today’s summer carnivals in Wyalusing. Instead, men were dressed in woolen suits with tight fitting celluloid collars on their shirts, and the women were attired in long dresses with several layers of petticoats.  Parasols were in high fashion in those days and offered shelter from the broiling sun, but they’re rarely seen in use today. A baseball game is underway on the right of the photo and the diamond is lined with hundreds of spectators. This was prior to the construction of the park’s grandstand, which was located behind where home plate is seen in this photo. In the foreground is what appears to be a refreshment stand. Hamlin Lloyd captured this instant in Wyalusing’s history from the vantage of the hillside where Park Place is located today. wyalusingfair511.jpg

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