Where Canal Boats MooredJohn R. Welles is seen in the lower photo holding the wrought iron ring where canal boats tied up at Welles Mill in the 1860’s. The photo of Welles was shot in 1972. The ring was attached to the side of the building seen in the upper photo and was just to the left of the door. In the 1860’s the building, which served as a warehouse for many years, was surrounded on three sides by water. The small hole at the bottom of the door is said to have served as an entrance-exit for ferrets kept at the mill to keep the rat and mouse population in check. It’s said that two old canal boats which sank are buried not far from the warehouse in what once was a basin to accommodate canal boats. The old warehouse was among buildings at the Welles Mill complex that were razed last month. Chip Welles rescued the old mooring ring and presented it to the Wyalusing Valley Museum in a display that includes this same photo of John R. Welles. Chip also salvaged a beam from the warehouse, which he also plans to give to the museum. The Wyalusing Valley Museum is located in John R. Welles’s former home.johnrwelles611.jpg

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