North Branch Canal AqueductThis photo, believed to have been snapped in the 1870’s offers a view of the aqueduct that carried the North Branch Canal across the Wyalusing Creek. The women with parasols are standing on the two paths where the mules that pulled the canal boats traveled. In the distance is the Wyalusing Presbyterian Church, which was destroyed by fire after being struck by lightning. Welles Mill is in the distance on the left.  The aqueduct was located near where the railroad bridge crossing the creek is today. Information in the Rocket-Courier archives states the canal was likely closed when this photo was taken and work had probably started constructing a railroad through the region.  The canal ran from the Chesapeake Bay to near Ithaca, NY where it connected with the Erie Canal system.  Completed in 1854, the canal was plagued with problems and after a devastating flood in 1870 the canal eventually closed permanently. Railroad tracks that follow the Susquehanna were constructed on what had been the canal’s towpath. canalphoto711.jpg

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