WVHS  Class of 1961Following are comments from Max P. Gannon, Supervising Principal of the Wyalusing Area School District, and Kenneth Williams, High School Principal, regarding the first class to complete its high school education, grades 7-12, at the school. Their perspectives on the Class of 1961 were included in the 1961 Vallian, the school yearbook.  Max Gannon Six years ago, you crossed the threshold of a new educational building and a new type of secondary education for our valley. As you looked up the mountain to the various levels of achievement in learning, it must have been frightening to think of the six long years of climbing to the first commencement plateau.You saw the cliffside obstructed by hundreds of books, test tubes, typewriters, classroom desks, disciplinary bulletins, old athletic schedules, old dance programs with cheers and some with tears, and a little sprinkle of old gym sneakers, oversized handbags and a muddled luggage room. Some along the way thought that the obstacles were too great and dropped out, but now you are at the plateau commencement and you look up the mountainside and realize that the climb from here will be far easier than the preceding climb, and as you stand here upon this plateau looking upward, you are stronger, you are better equipped physically, mentally and spiritually than those who passed before, so you will be charged with widening the trail upward, better and smoother for those who are to pass this way in the future.  Kenneth WilliamsThe members of your class are the first students to receive their high school education in the consolidated Wyalusing Valley Junior-Senior High School.It is my sincere hope that you will return to society a full measure of service in return for the investment society has made in your name.    maxgannon711.jpg

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