1936 Flood Scene at WyalusingWhat was described as the Great Flood of 1936 is pictured near its crest in March of that year. That’s Welles Mill in the distance and the white tops of Route 6 guardrails are barely reaching above the water on the right and left. This photo was snapped from the borough side of the Wyalusing Creek, from virtually the same place where spectators gathered to watch last month’s flood. Prior to the 1972 flood, the 1936 flood was considered Wyalusing’s worst. The bridge-like structure seen in the distance was a wooden walkway that led from the old creek bridge to Route 6. The old bridge was demolished in the 1970’s, however, its stone abutments are still visible from Bridge Street today A close look at the white house in the distance on the left, the only structure in this photo that exists today, indicates that water had reached the bottom of the first floor windows. In the recent flooding, the water rose to about midway on the same windows. Flood scenes like this, although rare, have happened at least three times since this photo was snapped.1936flood1011.jpg

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