Keystone Theatre

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601 Main st
Towanda, PA 18848

(570) 673-4444

Dining and Entertainment

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Fri. 6 PM; Sat. 8 PM; Sun. 2 PM;
Mon. 7 PM; Wed. 1 PM; Thurs. 12:15 PM
Keystone Theatre
601 Main St., Towanda, PA
(570) 268-SHOW (7469)
Sept. 22 - Sept. 28
Sayre Theatre
205 S. Elmer Ave., Sayre, PA
(570) 882-9000
Ti Ac Cklle Sh 3tie lDP Adnr rdiiScoeuehrnlssot s( Aw(1 6t(2s 10A 3& AL&-L d5u odT9nvh)idt ee$ieoar7tr)nr; )e$ a$s5l 5 A$;2re:
**No one 16 years of age or under
will be admitted to an “R” rated
movie without an accompanying
parent or guardian’s consent.
Rialto Theatre
14 E. Main St., Canton, PA
(570) 673-4444
“An Inconvenient Sequel”
RATED “PG” Film Fest
Super Tuesdays
All Tickets $ 5; $ 7 3D
Fri. 8 PM; Sat. & Sun. 6 PM;
Mon. 1 PM; Tues. & Wed. 7 PM;
Thurs. 10 AM and 7 PM
RATED “PG” Film Fest
The Golden Circle”
“City of Ghosts”
RATED “PG-13” Film Fest
RATED “PG-13” Film Fest
Fri., Sat., Tues. & Thurs. 7 PM;
Sun. 2 & 6 PM; Mon. & Wed. 1 & 7 PM
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