Former Bradford County DA Chad Salsman is Granted ParoleFree Access

Former Bradford County District Attorney Chad Salsman, who is serving a term of 18 months to five years in state prison, has been granted parole, his attorney said.

“I can confirm that parole has been granted to Chad Salsman,” said his attorney, Samuel C. Stretton of West Chester, PA.

“He should be released at the end of this month,” Stretton said.

Chad Salsman

Salsman has completed two years and seven months of his prison term.

Salsman had been sentenced on July 9, 2021 after pleading guilty to one count each of promoting prostitution, obstruction of justice and intimidating witnesses or victims.

As part of his plea agreement, he had resigned as district attorney.

Salsman, 47, had pleaded guilty to the charges following a year-long investigation by the 45th Statewide Investigating Grand Jury in conjunction with the PA Office of Attorney General and the PA State Police.

During the investigation, the grand jury discovered that Salsman had pressured clients who were having financial difficulties into prostituting themselves to him for his legal services.

The grand jury also discovered that he had used his power as a private attorney, and then as district attorney, to repeatedly harass, coerce and intimidate victims, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

Salsman’s victims were his clients in legal matters, including cases concerning sexual assault and child custody.

Additionally, he attempted to obstruct the grand jury’s investigation while serving as district attorney.

The charges that he pleaded guilty to have to do with his conduct with five different women.

The charge of promoting prostitution relates to his conduct when he was in private practice as an attorney, prior to taking over as district attorney.

“He has met all the conditions for parole,” Stretton said. “He has changed and reformed. He is very remorseful.”

Stretton said he expects that Salsman will return to live in the Bradford County area. “Hopefully, he’ll get a job, because he has to support his family,” Stretton said.

While in state prison, Salsman fulfilled various requirements, such as completing sex offender and anger management courses, Stretton said.

Salsman is currently incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution at Mercur.

Salsman’s prison term will be followed by six years of probation under the supervision of the PA Department of Probation and Parole, during which he must undergo sexual offender therapy and therapy for sexual addiction disorder.

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