Need Oversight of Classified Documents

Dear Editor: The Massachusetts Air National Guardsman who posted highly classified documents on social media should not have received a top secret security clearance or any security clearance based on his terrible background. He discussed violence and murder and use of an assassination van on social media. He also looked up mass shootings and government standoffs on his government computer. […]

Biden Should be Held Accountable

Dear Editor: Mark Levin was spot on and truthful with his comments about President Biden on his Life, Liberty, & Levin show Sunday, May 7 on Fox News. It’s time for the people that live in Scranton and the other areas around Scranton to know how corrupt the entire Biden family really is and how badly Joe Biden has sold […]

Opposed to Solar Farm

Dear Editor: I have just read the horrible news of the proposed solar farm here in central Bradford County. This article was on the front page of your fine newspaper on April 27, 2023. I am totally against this proposed solar farm in central Bradford County. Please do not let this company from Texas destroy our natural beauty of this […]

Permitting Reform Needed

Dear Editor: Soaring inflation and persisting recession risks are top of the minds of Pennsylvanians, who are, unsurprisingly, very concerned about our future. Both consumers and businesses are facing economic challenges. Increasing energy prices are a major factor in our economic concerns, and the 65-plus federal laws governing infrastructure projects have slowed, if not halted, our ability to secure an […]

Bring Legitimacy Back To the Supreme Court

Dear Editor: The Supreme Court has a serious ethics problem, and the latest revelations about Clarence Thomas should be alarming to every American. For 20 years, Thomas has accepted high-end, luxury, all-expense-paid vacations around the world from Republican megadonor Harlan Crow. And he never disclosed any of it to the public. What’s more, he also sold three properties to the […]

It’s All About Patriotism

Dear Editor: We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, etc. If you are not familiar with those words, I suggest you familiarize yourself with them. Our nation is more divided now than ever before. A nation divided cannot stand. China and Russia are coming together, along with Iran. China is buying farmland […]

Build Up to God, Not Down with Violence

Dear Editor: The great Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen gave a talk on television 50 years ago that was prophetic for our time. He said that our country was begun by revolution. Today there are those who want a revolution. However, Sheen asked “to what purpose?” As Colonel Preston described in 1775, “Would this ‘purpose’ be that we might govern ourselves […]

Inadequate U.S. Defense Budget

Dear Editor: Our proposed defense budget of $842 billion, which is three percent of GDP, does not meet our national security needs when facing an expansionist Russia in Europe; China’s buildup and threats in the Pacific; North Korea’s war-like attitude toward South Korea, and Iran’s moves in the Middle East. We should be spending six to seven percent of our […]

Recognizing Rural Roads Safety Week

Dear Editor: The Wyoming-Lackawanna County Farm Bureau is recognizing Rural Roads Safety Week April 16-22, by encouraging county motorists to travel safely on roadways this spring and throughout the year. You may have noticed that farmers are returning to the fields to begin planting crops. As the new season gets underway, tractors, farm trucks, wagons and other large equipment are […]

Adopt a Diet of Compassion

Dear Editor: Easter celebrates the resurrection of the Holy One of Israel but some still observe this occasion by eating ham, which comes from an innocent, intelligent and gentle creature. Animals should not be the centerpiece of this Holy day. More than 130,000 pigs have already been killed in the U.S. and it’s only April. The cycle at a typical […]

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